Care & Use


Start with a 1/4 Stack (4). See what you think? I know you will love them. For everyday use it works best if you have 8 per family member. That way while some will be in the laundry you will still have enough on the table at all times. A full stack is 16. Most clients revisit my site and add 4-8 at a time when they see a print they love to freshen up their stack. At our home we have seasonal/Holiday stacks that rotate all year round.

HOW TO USE Everyday Napkins & Dinner Napkins

Use a basket, caddy, bowl or wide vase to place Stack’d Everyday Napkins in or just stack on any surface. Place in a high traffic area like dinning room table or the smaller napkins next to the coffee pot. We like ours at the dinner table so we have them when we sit down to eat. I keep another stack next to my coffee pot and my daughters lunch stack in the drawer where I make her school lunches.


  • Wash any temp.
  • Tumble dry any temp.
  • Lay flat when done drying
  • Iron optional for larger sizes
  • Use a spray laundry cleaner for lighter fabrics or messy meals prior to washing
  • Avoid dryer sheets to keep absorbent
  • Every piece is pre-washed in unscented ECO soap prior to sewing

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